Life Assurance

Put simply, Life Assurance will provide a lump sum on death to their beneficiaries if the policyholder were to die during the term of the cover. Because the surviving partner or family is suddenly left without any regular income, Life Assurance can provide the means to pay off outstanding debts such as a mortgage so they do not suffer financially if the worst should happen.

Although Life Assurance provides security to the policyholder, because of the small amount of information and time generally required putting a policy in place, the insurer takes on a considerable risk. The decision-making skills of the underwriter are therefore crucial. At Hannover Re UK Life Branch we help to optimise the decision making process through our demographic, medical and actuarial knowledge of the market. Combined with the latest information on sub-standard and extra non-medical risks, such as those associated with occupational and sporting activities, we are able to provide an outstanding Life Assurance cover.